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Chatting Cats: Where Did All This Cold Come From

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. I’s can’t believe the week we’re havin’. And OMC It turned cold, cold, cold here over night.


Dezi and Raena sit on shower benches in bathroom

          Raena, ya’ need to s’plain what happened on Monday. You know, with our Service Cat Monday posty?. 


 Raena lays on a box




What’s that sissy? Why me? Ya’ make it sound like it was mine’s fault. I’s didn’t do anythin’ wrong. I’s didn’t make the innernets be sketchy, or the storms to roll thru, or all the letters and calls that came fur mommy with upsettin’ mews. And I’s fur sure didn’t schedule mommy’s doctors ‘pointment to be right in the middle of it all. 


 Dezi stretches on the scratching post




          Me never meowed it was your fault Raena, me just meant that you should let everypawdy know that we’re okay and sorry we missed Service Cat Monday. But, never fear, we’ll be back on schedule next week. Well, lessen the innernet’s ghosties appear again.  


Oh, okay sissy. Sorry, I’s just thought… 


          That’s what ya’ get fur thinkin’. MOL 


Sissy!!! I’s gonna tell mommy that you’re bein’ mean to me.


          Oh purrrrrrrlease. It’s not bein’ mean ifin it’s the truth. Anyways……


 Raena lays beside scratcher




(Raena looks around a bit confused) Somehow, I’s still think that’s not nice. But fur now, I’s’ll let it go. I’s gotta tell ya’ sissy, I’s not really likin’ all this cold weather we’re havin’. Mr. Sunshine hasn’t been out fur days. I’s thought it was Fall? Ya’ know cooler days fur strollin’? But Nooooooo, we went from Summer to Winter overnight. Altho’, I’s do like the appearance of the ‘lectric blanky. Snugglin’ with mommy the last couple of nights has been really toasty. Well, once you quit meowmblin’ that is. What’s up with that anyways.


 Dezi looks down from atop the liberty cat tree




          What? You kept jumpin’ on me. Mommy told you it was late and time to go to bed. You know play time’s over when mommy takes us to bed. We’ve done the same thing every night since you came to live here. 


Maybe I’s wasn’t ready to go to bed, sissy. Maybe, I’s wasn’t sleepy yet. Maybe the colds have given me more energy. Maybe, you just looked to temptin’ not to jump on.


          Well, temptin’ or not, sleepy or not, you know the rules. You know mommy can’t sleep without us layin’ beside her. And besides, that ‘lectric blanky sure makes fur nice cuddlin’. As fur all that energy, me’s kind’a feelin’ it too. But me did hope fur a few more days of strollin’ weather befur it got so cold.


 Raena lays on the back of the chair




I’s purromiss I’s’ll do better tonight sissy. Meowin’ of sleepin’ and ‘lectric blankies, I’s thinkin’ a little nap just might be what the doctor ordered as mommy would say.


          That does sound like a good idea Raena. (Dezi sees the manager coming up the walk) HiSSSssssssss  Me’s thinkin’ we oughtta go nap right now Raena. Looks like more bad mews is on it’s way to the door now. 


Dezi lays in the chair with Raena on the back

I’s right behind ya’ sissy. Weather purrmittin’, we’ll be ’round to visit as soon as we can. I’s just wanna remind everypawdy there’s still time to get in on their chance fur that Chewy Goody box we’re givin’ away. Just click here.


Till the next time………………………………..Be Blest!!! 


Raena: Navy Blue  

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

Winter Is Here

Hey is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. Let me tell ya’ it has turned cooooooold here in da last few days. Cats and kittens, mouses and rats!!! I’s don’t like this thing called Winter. It can just pack up and go away fur all I’s care. We went to mommys doctors ‘pointment yesfurday, and everytime we got outta da car it was shiver me timbers time. Some of you are new here and aren’t furmiliar with our doctor day routine, so let me ‘splain. We go to da doctor furst and then we have to head to da next town over to go to da farmacy. And when we got there yesfurday mommy threw a fit. Okay, Not really a fit, but she was sad dat she had furgotten da camera. See, da town had decorated da street with these gigantic waving santas. Mommy said she would have luvved to get mines foto with da santas and da one reindeer in front of da bank.

 Raena in an icy frame

Anyways, we turned in mommys purrscription and then huddled up and strolled down da street to da bank. What a bummer trip dat was. None of da regular peeps were there, so I’s didn’t get any treats. Can you believe it? None of them had one treat fur a purretty little Southern Belle kitty girl. We got all froze over fur nuffin’. So we bundled back up and headed back down da street to da farmacy. They had mommys’ medicine and mines treat ready, so we could get goin’. They cooed and talked ‘bout how much I’s grown since they saw me last month, and sent us on our way. By then it was getting’ colder and darker. Da sun hadn’t shown at all yesfurday and so it got dark really early.

 Dezi in an icy winter frame

Anyways, ya’ know dat ‘lectric blanky I’s just learned ‘bout? Well it seems to have a short and isn’t workin’. Dat’s not a good thing, cuz sis Dezi says it’s gonna get colder befur it gets warm again. So, we stopped at da Dollar store to see ifin they had ‘lectric blankys and how much they might cost. They didn’t have any ‘lectric blankys at all. Nope, not one. Not even one in puke pink (which we hate, by da way). So we bundled up again and headed home. We got home just befur it got all dark outside. Sissy was happy to see us, but glad she had gotten to stay home where it was warm. ‘Specially after I’s told her ‘bout da treat situation. Mommy and me got all warmed up and then she fixed dinner fur me and sis Dezi and sat down to check emails.

 Raena a bit distorted

 It’s pawssible today’s also Blooper Furiday. Mommy says she doesn’t

‘member me lookin’ this way when she pushed da button. MOL



So there we were, all feelin’ toasty and warm when there came a loud knock at da door. We weren’t ‘spectin’ anything or anypawdy, so mommy flipped on da porch light and opened da door slowly. There stood a handsum young man at our door. Mommy always says God’s gonna have to send her a husband to knock on da door, or she’ll miss him. But this wasn’t God answerin’ dat purrayer. Da nice young man introduced himself and said he was a veteran on a mission. Well, let me tell ya’, ifin there’s one thing I’s learned since bein’ alive, is dat even with all da purroblems, we live in da greatest country on da planet. And one of da reasons our country be so great is all those service men, women and anipals who answered da call to purrtect and serve our country and keep all of us safe and secure da freedoms granted us by God and our fur fathers in da Constitution.

 Dezi and Raena with crying eagle saying thank you to Veterans

With tears in her eyes, mommy looked at da nice young man and said, “Thank you for your service.” And do you know what he told mommy? Well, besides your welcome.? He told mommy dat he’d been out since early yesfurday meownin’ and she was da furst purrson to say dat to him. Da tears really began to fall now and mommy ‘pawlogized to him fur all da disrespect he had encountered. He was tryin’ to raise money and get sponsors to donate so he could send care boxes to those soldiers who are still serving away from home. He gave mommy da stats on how many service men/women commit suicide cuz of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). And mommy continued to cry. Of course we had no money to give him, but we wished him well and will continue to purray fur him and all those serving our great country. We don’t know what has happened to this country we luvs so much dat in a whole day, mommy would be da only one to thank a service man fur his service. Soldiers don’t choose which orders they follow or what wars/battles they fight. Even ifin you don’t agree with a war or battle, You should still be grateful to those who fought it. After all, you didn’t have to and you slept soundly because they did.

 Dezi site on the Liberty cat tree house, looking out the window with her mouth open

       Well said sis Raena, well said.

       Let’s wrap it up fur today. We’re behind on our visitin’ and we’ve got some fotos mommy needs to get loaded on da catputer, cuz we all received some blessings this week dat we’ll be tellin’ everypawdy ‘bout on Sunday. And we’ve got those letters to Santa to write too.

Pet Parade Blog Hop Badge

Oh sissy, I’s can’t wait. We’re gonna join up with Rascal and Rocco and their amazin’ co-hosts fur da weekly Pet Parade. And we’ve got a new neighbor we’ll be meowin’ ‘bout soon.

 Raena sleeps in the Liberty cat tree house

Till da next time………………………………………Be Blest!!!

Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

RaenaBelle and Deztinee   

Ants In Me Pantaloons

Well!!! Me Never!!!! Me has no idea what mommy is talkin’ ‘bout, ants in me pantaloons. Me dusn’t have pantaloons, me has bloomers. And there’s no ants there fur sure. Meez a very clean girly and since switchin’ to da freeze dried raw noms me hasn’t had any bloomer stinkies dat required cleanin’. So me dusn’t know why mommy finks me has ants. As a matter of fact, me hasn’t had any bugs since those nasty worms when me was a baby. So there, mommy, wha’d’ya’ say to dat?  


Dezi playing with a nip paper and cleaning her paw

This is a gweat piece of nip paper Ali brought fur sis Lexi and me.

You’re right sweety, you haven’t had any bugs since those nasty worms when you were a baby. And you are very clean and there’s been no accidents since switching your noms. But baby, ants in your pants is what we humans say when someone can’t sit still or calm down. And you have for sure been “antsy” lately. I know it’s been storming and raining and cold and gray outside a lot lately, but you’re about to drive me nuts. lol  


Me dusn’t even know where nuts is mommy. And me only drives you to da pawtty box room and da kitchen.  


Dezi biting on a piece of paper

Me dusn’t have ants, meez just bored.

Oh Dezi you still habz so much to learn. Nutz ain’t a place sissyfur, it’z a state of mind. 


A state of mind sissy? Well me didn’t learn to drive dat, did me? Da only thing mommy taught me to drive was da wheelchair. When did we learn to drive a state of mind?  


Dezi in stroller outside

Me luvs to go fur strolls wiff mommy.

Well Dezi dat’z not sumfin you learn to “drive”, it’s juzt sumfin’ you habz da ability to do frum da minit youz born. And you waz born wiff a lot of it. MOL  


Whew Me thought me missed a lesson or sumfin’. So me was born wiff an extra talent, huh? 


Dezi in stroller outside

What’s dat? Me sees a birdy.

(Lexi puts a paw on her head and then shakes her head) Yep Dezi you waz born wiff an extra talent alright, quite a few fur dat matter.  


Aaaaaaw Fank you sissy. Anyways, ants aside, da sun came out and it warmed up a bit yesfurday fur da furst and last time in a while. Me was so excited dat me was meweekin’ at mommy all meownin’. Me was playin’ wiff every toy we have and runnin’ up and down da cat tree and up and down from mommy’s lap every few minutes tellin’ her to look at da purretty day. After ‘bout da levinty thousand meweek, mommy decided to take me fur a stroll. Ah da sweet furesh air was divine. Me even heard sum birdies singin’. And we met a new neighbor and hers daughter who also be cat luvvers. They each have a rescued furry purrer in their house. And based on what they was sayin’ they spoil their kitties too. Mommy sez me be spoiled rotten, but me knows dat can’t be true cuz me dusn’t stink. Now dat garbage disposal was rotten, but me smells like a purretty girly shuld smell. Me so enjoyed meez stroll and alone time wiff mommy. It’s always nice when mommy takes da time to have sum one on one time wiff sissy and me. Mommy kuldn’t see da camera display very good cuz of all dat sunshine, but me hopes you enjoyed meez strollin’ fotos today, me sure did enjoy da purrocess of takin’ ’em. Gotta go now, da sun is here today fur da last day in a while accotdin’ to da furcast, so me has to try to get mommy to take me fur another stroll. MOL  Me dusn’t have ants in meez pantaloons but me duz wanna enjoy da nice weather while it’s here. 


Dezi in stroller outside

Mmmmmmmm smell dat furesh air.

Do you get antsy when you have to be cooped up because of da weather? What do you do to relieve some of dat tension? 


Till da next time……………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Dezi = Blue

Lexi = Green 

Mommy = Black


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi


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